Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mew, Mew, Mew - A Feline Love Story

While I know that feral cats are not as inclined to befriend strangers this easy, this is a nice fantasy-I think. 

Hope you enjoy it.

Mew, Mew, Mew – A Feline Love Story

Driving through downtown Raleigh on a sunny Sunday afternoon I was touring, a frequent hobby on such a lazy day. Off to the side of the road was a glimpse of a little furry body, no bigger than the side mirror of my Celica. Slowing down and pulling over I must have been spotted. The little body of fur ran over to a pile of debris, only the pile was moving! It appeared the "debris" had legs as it rolled over and playfully tussled with the furry body.

Off to the side I saw two grown mama cats, strays one would say, but by no generic means. One was gray and white and splattered with spots and the other was rusty gold and white with splatters as well. Off to the side was evidence of the source of the splattering. There was a puddle of muck and mire that had evidently been attacked by a tire in the kitty’s range.

By the time I was out of my car and well on the way to catch a lens view through the imaginary camera in my mind. First "Rusilla" caught me leering at her baby and "Ashley" glared back at me. Both started yowling in unison, and I offered my assurance. "Don’t worry I won’t hurt your babies." I shook with amazement at the next statement, not from me.

Rusilla retorted with: "No you won’t hurt our babies, we won’t let you!" 

Shaking my head in amazement I daringly edged my way close. By the time I was a car’s width away from the babies Rusilla was jumping off her wall throne and fluffed to protect her offspring. Ashley followed suit. Speaking again as to how I could be trusted and how I could help I heard and felt Rusilla’s reply.

"Why should we trust you? Nobody else wants us around. We have been thriving quite well without your help!"

Motioning toward the babies I remarked how pretty they were but how the weather would be turning soon and they would need a good, warm home.

Ashley then spoke up; she had a meeker tone and looked at Rusilla. "Hey, she has a good point. What will happen to our babies?"

Rusilla fluffed again in defense and pride justified in her words: "Who’s to say she won’t abandon us. You know the time Billie and Bobbie lost their babies. Some big guy just pulled up and took their babies and left their parents to cry themselves to death. I just don’t want to live not knowing our babies are okay."

Now I knew what I must do! My confident reply: "How about I take you all home with me? You can all stay at my house and never have to worry about the weather, finding food or anything!"

Rusilla and Ashley looked at me as if amazed. Ashley spoke up: "You would do that for us? Why?"

"Why not? I have met you now and you have wrapped yourselves around my heart."

"Mew, mew, mew." I looked at my feet or you could say felt two sets of paws clawing and my (thank God I am wearing pants) leg. 

"It seems your babies have decided but won’t you follow suit and come along?"

"Well, seems as if…" Rusilla conceded.
"Let’s go, I’m hungry." Ashley agreed.

Rusilla replied: "Yes, let’s."

Once home with four new family members they were ready to put me to the test. The scent of salmon filled the air as I, the unprepared hostess, rummage through the cupboard for the first of many feasts. Having placed the dishes, pie tins and plastic containers in a line up on the floor I could barely move away quick enough. Two youngsters were scaling my legs and two moms were licking their chops.

"Bon appetit, my little friends," I announced. No need to do so as they were well into their flinging feast almost to the bottoms of their kitty china.

Satisfied and ready to nap, the kittys made themselves at home.

My house became a home when love walked through the door, wrapped up in my heart they would suffer never more.

As I settled in to my big fluffy bed I noticed much activity around me. All were searching for their beds for the night. Not quite home enough for them to trust they finally settled by the back door. Truthfully I acknowledged they all needed a proper bathing and shots and I pondered about how to approach this issue.

Answers came as the new day presented itself. Rusilla, Ashley, Billy and Jenny (now that I have learned the babies names) were are lined up in my bedroom door, staring me awake. All eyes wide open I moseyed in to the kitchen to find breakfast for five. Scratching through my limited supply I managed to find enough for a simple entrĂ©e. 

"Mew, mew, mew." Is the message I heard from all. Assuming they were satisfied I proceeded to the door, car keys in hand.

"Well friends I must run to the store and pick us up some groceries. Rusilla, Ashley do you have any special requests? I also plan to pick up some bath items and flea treatments at the vets. Care to ride along?"

Rusilla spoke in an uncertain tone. "What is a vet?"

"Well, a vet or veterinarian is a special doctor who helps animals who are sick to get well. Also a vet helps all animals become healthy and strong. They give shots and help with bathing and other hygiene."

"Hmm," Rusilla replied, "maybe we need to go see this vet so we can be healthy." With this he motioned to his troop and they all lined up at the door. "Let’s go to the vets."

What one did not know about was the call I snuck to the vet’s office earlier.

"Well, here we are kitty crew, who wants to go first?"

"Of course I will." Rusilla insisted. "I have to check this vet out before I let anybody else go in." Rusilla proudly sauntered on down the hallway. Staff members remarked along the trail about what a pretty puss Rusilla was. She acted nonchalant, while she fluffed her fur and picked up her strut. Once she eyed the doctor she turned to me and mewed. No talk from Rusilla in front of the vet. Picking up the cue I commenced.

"Hello doctor. This is Rusilla. She is one of four new family members. She wanted to check you out before she would allow her family to come see you. They are waiting in the lobby. You see, doc, I found this family downtown. How could I leave them with knowing that winter could be rough? I just want to keep them well and fed and they are welcome to stay in my home."

One could see the concern in the doc’s eyes and hear it in his voice. "Well, you know feral cats may never make good pets, but they may do better with shots and neutering." The doc then proceeded to lightly touch Rusilla on her back. Rusilla flinched but looked at my face and managed to calm.

"Please explain shots and neutering to me so I can think this over." I requested from the doctor. He went on to explain what shots were necessary and why neutering was a good idea. As well he also explained the virtues of hygiene. With a nod of my head the doctor excused himself. As soon as the door was closed Rusilla looked at me with concern in her eyes.

"Where does he think he is coming from? We will be fine in your home. You seem like you care and if you change on us it is out the door we go. That is fair enough for me. Can we get the shots and neutering?" 

"Of course Rusilla and you are so right. If I ever displease you then you can feel free to go elsewhere. It may break my heart…but…"

The doctor reentered and I requested shots and baths for all and appointments for neutering. At my special request my "family" was able to select their own bathing supplies and food at the vets pet supply store.

Pushing little shopping carts the kitties shopped in the pet spa. Filling their baskets with lovely scented soaps they seemed to actually enjoy their first shopping trip. "Mew, mew, mew." The babies responded, looking in my eyes. They were obviously enjoying their ride in the baskets and looking all over the goods.

Having selected a pouch of treats I offered a sample to each. All were very grateful for such a gesture.

Once home we are all a bit tired form the adventurous morning. Hungry as well we all had a nice and much healthier lunch. As I settled into my easy chair I was just beginning to doze when I felt a thump. A hairy tail is grazing my head. Next there was another thump one the arm of the chair and a nose kneading into the back of my hand. Before long my comfortable easy chair accommodated five very content folks. The scent of lilacs filled the air. All was mellow in our little world.

My, correction, our home knows no better love than the love of feline kind.

By the way, Rusilla informed me: "Mew, mew, mew" is kitten talk for "I love you."
© Lisa Tomey 8/02/2003