Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sampson is Pleased to Announce His Blog

Hello, Sampson here all the way from Council Bluffs, Iowa. I am going to be 14 in August, born in 1996. From the beginning hope and opportunity became the mark for survival. Earthly life almost ended about as quickly as it came. First person was not a nice person (they were stupid) and they put me in a bag, closed it and threw me away. It wouldn't be long before somebody came around. If something had not happened, crossing the rainbow bridge would have been inevitable.

When somebody came by the dumpster the best way to be heard was to cry. Mew, mew, mew and on and on until an earth angel provided rescue. Love Mews and Purrs started pouring from my happy heart. First matter of business was to fatten me up. It seems that cottage cheese was a personal favorite. Before long, fur was fluffing up and strength became fortified. Nice parent (and SMART parent) could not keep kitties so it was time to find a loving home. Nice parent found me another nice parent to provide a good home. 

It seems that from the beginning there was a need to seek out which family member would be mine. To hear it told, it seems that new parent number one would be the one chosen. This was indicated by selecting said parent's cheek and giving a kitty kiss. Seems like the new mommy was not keen on taking in another four legged angel. With mission at hand to break this woman down all sorts of tricks were played. The kiss became a favorite, only followed by my "hello Mommy, let me roll on my back for a tummy rub" technique. Not one to give away any signs on weakness, I sufficiently attacked any hand contact with my tummy. Mommy learned that the best tummy tickle was one with a well shooed foot.

So this is my first blog post. I have many stories to tell, so stay tuned. MWAH (kisses) Sampson

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