Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Help Say "Thank You" to All Our Veterans and Help Them Heal with Pets for Vets

I was surfing the internet and found this cool site! Veterans can have a chance to let their furry loved on heal them. I personally know I have healing powers. I have been called "Doctor Sampson" because whenever someone is sick I stay with them. My attending help gets them all better. This whole Pets for Vets plan sounds like a win:win situation. 

Here are some things that can be donated (copied and pasted from their web site).

Crates (all sizes)
Beds (all sizes)
Metal food bowls
Kong chew toys (all sizes)
Stuffed dog toys
6 foot leashes
Dog Collars (all sizes)
No slip collars
EZ walk harness
Dog food
Dog treats
Grooming equipment (brushes, nail clippers)
Baby gates

You really have to check out the web site for more info. 

The official website:

Sampson gives a four paw salute to all veterans! Thank you for serving our country. MWAH